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  • I don't live in the Edmonton area; will Splashdown Eaves accept my work?

    Yes, however for customers well outside of our regularly serviced areas we may need to charge a little extra for mileage. Contact the office for more info.

  • What is 'Seamless Eavestrough'?

    Seamless eavestrough is fabricated using a roll-forming machine installed in the truck box. This allows eavestrough of almost any length to be run out without joining seams periodically like do-it-yourself Vinyl Eavestrough. Eavestrough corners still require seams because eavestrough machines only run out eavestrough in straight lines.

  • I have specialty roofing such as Tile, Shake or Steel roofing. Do I need special eavestroughs?

    Splashdown Eaves reccomends a 6" eavestrough profile for Tile and Shake roofs. These roof types sit higher off the roof surface and during high water volumes frequently shoot past the front lip of 5" eavestrough. Steel roofing is very smooth and any ice that collects on the surface of the roof during winter time can cause severe damage to eavestrough if roof straps are not installed.

  • I can see water collecting in my eavestrough, will they leak?

    Every eavestrough system will retain a certain amount of water. All corners must be sealed with caulking and it will cause a small amount of water to remain in the eavestrough. If the eavestrough is retaining an inch or more then it may need adjustment or correction.

  • Why are my eavestroughs leaking?

    There are a variety of causes for eavestrough leaks. Sometimes an eavestrough may appear to be leaking if water is traveling behind the trough due to curled shingles, a lack of drip edge or missing roof flashing near end caps.

  • My Eavestrough is leaking from the corners, can't I fix it myself?

    It is possible to repair corner or endcap leaks yourself. We reccomend having a professional inspect it to ensure that you are attempting to solve the correct problem. It is very important that the correct type of caulking is used and that the instructions on the tube are followed carefully.

  • What is the best eavestrough material to use?

    The eavestroughing material you should use depends on the application. For more specific info, see our Eavestrough information page.

  • I didn't find my question here.

    Please call the office at 780-487-6844 or use our contact form

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