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Splashdown Eaves is pleased to be an Elite Installer of Alu-Rex premium eavestrough products including T-Rex and it's revolutionary continuous hanger system! T-Rex comes with a great 25 year warranty but that is extended to LIFETIME when installed by an Elite Installer! Alu-Rex Elite Installers are few and far between so be sure to take advantage of the extended warranty by calling Splashdown Eaves!

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T-Rex eavestrough is a closed gutter system that prevents debris, snow and ice from entering into the system thus preventing clogging and ice, freezing and thawing issues and damage. Not only does the closed system provide great resistance to the elements, it also makes the system incredibly strong. This system all but eliminates warpage and damage to the eavestrough by ladders and hanging weight.

alu-rex warranty imageAlu-Rex is so confident in the effective, time and test proven T-Rex eavestrough system that it is the only rain gutter hanger that comes with a 40-year clog-free warranty.

For just a slightly increased initial investment, you will increase your gutters' life and help protect them against damage caused by heavy snowfall and ice expansion inside the gutter. In addition they will requiring much less maintenance, and your troughs will flow freely all year-round, ensuring that water does not get under the roof, under the eaves or into your home’s foundation.

For ultra durable and clog-free rain gutters, make Alu-Rex your first Choice! 780-487-6844

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While T-Rex comes with an integrated leaf guard, continuous hanger system, Gutter Clean is designed as a retrofit to close your existing eavestrough system. Gaining many of the T-Rex advantages, installing Gutter Clean will ensure your rain gutters will not get clogged up. Leaves, debris, snow and ice remain above the product, leaving your gutters clear and free to function fully at all times. This system also come with the security and protection of a 40-year clog-free warranty.

The images to the right show the subtle differences between the T-Rex and Gutter Clean systems.


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