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Just like any city that gets an amount of rain, Edmonton downspouts are a critical component of your eavestrough system. Downspouts control where all that collected water goes at ground level.

Splashdown Eaves uses a 2 5/8" square aluminum profile downpipe for all standard installations. This profile is available in all colors.

A 3" square aluminum downspout is available for all installations where high volumes of water need to be controlled or a larger pipe is simply preferred by the customer. 3" inch pipe is available in most colors.

For commercial applications a 3"X 4" steel downspout is readily available in Polar White and Chocolate Brown and can be special ordered in most colors.

Malfunctioning or improperly installed downspouts can be a common problem, and the consequences that it can bring are serious. The house can be damaged, lose its aesthetic appeal, and its value will decrease. Call us now, to ensure that your downspouts and other roof system components are in good repair.