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Splashdown Fleet ImageComing in a wide variety of colours, styles and profiles, Eavestrough technology has advanced greatly over the years as materials, design and installation techniques have improved. This page is dedicated to explaining the differences between the most popular styles of eavestrough available as well as providing you with the information necessary to help you decide what materials and fasteners are appropriate for use for your project.

Splashdown Eaves provides 5" and 6" continuous eavestrough in a variety of gauges in both Aluminum and Steel. We also provide custom bent eavestrough for projects where typical eavestroughs cannot be installed. Custom eavestrough is not continous and is usually fabricated in 10' lengths.

We offer additional choices for fasteners, downspouts and extras such as funnels and diverters where typical downpipe solutions do not work or where the customers wish to install rain barrels.

Why is rain water control important?

flooded yard imageMany people question the importance of well maintained and functioning eavestrough. The answer is simple! Uncontrolled water can find it's way into any nook and cranny and eavestroughs are key to controlling the flow of that water away from your eaves, soffits, walls and foundation to prevent mould, rot and basement leaks as well as unsightly stains and water damage - especially if your home is clad in stucco.

How does a gutter system work?

Eavestrough works by collecting the water that would otherwise drip off the edge of your shingles and run down your fascia or into your home. A properly installed eavestrough system will direct water safely away from your home. Professional installers will take the steps necessary to try to direct water away from your foundation, sidewalks and driveways as well as using the slope of the property to direct the water into swales or towards trees and bushes.

Why do I want Splashdown Eaves to install my system?

Elite Installer Image

We are an Alu-Rex Elite Installer

Splashdown Eaves is an excellence-driven company that is well established and has the correct equipment and tools as well as experienced and talented installers. Driven by the principles of service and quality, Splashdown Eaves warranties their products as well as their installations. In some cases, depending on the materials used your eavestrough may be warrantied for up to 25 years, and lifetime on the T-Rex Continuous Hanger system when it's installed by an Elite Installer! (See our Leafguard page for details.)

We offer fair, comptetitive prices as well as up to date products and installation techniques.

While many eavestrough companies offer Colonial Style eavestrough profiles, the exact profile will vary from machine to machine. This may make repairs to your eavestrough impossible or at best unsightly if a different machine is used. This is one of the most important reasons to use an established Eavestrough Vendor and not fly-by-night owner operators. When it comes time to repair your eavestrough due to tree or weather damage, we are just a phone call away.

Rain gutter sizes

5" Continuous Eavestrough - Simply referred to as 5" trough, our colonial style eavestrough can be ordered in either Steel or Aluminum. In most applications this size, aluminum eavestrough is the best solution. Steel is typically only preferred when an eavestrough run is significantly in excess of 60' long. Alberta weather varies significantly and in pieces of extreme length Aluminums higher rate of expansion and contraction make it more prone to kinking or warping. Typically in 5" applications, we usually reccomend steel for Mobile Homes or Commercial buildings such as Storage units or large Multi-Family projects such as large apartment buildings with 100'+ runs. 5" eavestrough is not always reccomended for use with Shake or Tile roofs.

6" Continuous Eavestrough - Our 6" trough is also a colonial profile trough. For 6" trough, steel is used almost as much as Aluminum because of the types of projects it is used on. Typically larger projects with Tile or Shake roofs or roofs with very high water volume contentrated into short trough runs require 6" trough. For Tile and Shake roofs it is reccomended because the extra inch of width allows the trough to catch water traveling off the roof edge falling from a higher angle. This helps to prevent water shooting past the edge of your eavestrough especially in valleys where the water is traveling much faster and in higher volume. In addition, the extra 1" of trough width allows in increase in water capacity from approximately 1.2 gallons per foot to 1.8 gallons per foot. If you wish to use 6" eavestrough on your project, your fascia board should be a minimum of 8" tall to allow for proper sloping of your eavestrough. If a 6" fascia board is used, your eavestrough will hang below the edge of the board and will be unsightly.

Visit our Alu-Rex page for more product info!