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Eavestrough Repair

Do you have a garage, garden shed or addition that needs eavestrough repair? Do you have a damaged section of eavestrough or downpipe that either need repairs, or maybe need to be replaced? Or, maybe you would like to add a downpipe, relocate a downpipe or tie-in a rain barrel? For Splashdown Eaves ‐ almost no job is too small.

The eavestrough or rain gutter is one of the most important components of a roof system. Its main purpose is to provide a pathway for the rainwater from the roof, which ensures that it is drained away from your house. If you noticed any damage, then having your eavestrough repaired is extremely important.

If the damages in the eavestrough are not repaired right away, the water will flow towards your home. Eavestrough repair must be done once you notice that your gutters are wobbly or not draining properly. When repairs are delayed, some parts of the house like the walls, ceiling, soffit, and/or fascia will sustain water damage. Sometimes, you’ll also notice that the walkways are becomming eroded. The accumulation of moisture also promotes the growth of mildew and molds.  These problems will diminish the value and aesthetics of the house. 

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