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A high-quality building exterior is the best way to improve both the aesthetics and the performance of your property. Splashdown offers quality exterior building products and highly trained installers to ensure your home or commercial building is beautiful for years to come.

With skilled professionals and 20+ years of experience in Edmonton's construction industry, Splashdown is your best choice for creating a stunning home exterior that will help you love where you live, work, and play.

Now serving Cold, Bonnyville, and surrounding areas.

Gutter & Eavestrough Installation in Edmonton
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Our products & services

Splashdown – Providing professional building exterior installation, cleaning and maintenance services focusing on architectural exterior metal products installed using expert workmanship. Building and maintaining an integrated building envelope is vital to ensure a beautiful long-lasting home or commercial building.

Our philosophy: helping our customers love where they live, work, and play.

Gutter & Eavestrough Installation in Edmonton
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The Four S's of

At Splashdown, we know your home isn’t just four walls and a roof. It’s your pride and joy – your sanctuary.  

That’s why we want to help keep your life’s biggest investment safe, secure, and stylish with guaranteed products that last a lifetime.

Whether it’s installation, repair, or cleaning of eavestroughs, soffit, fascia, or LED lighting, the professionals at Splashdown will expertly install our premier products. Your property will be both attractive and functional for its longest possible life.  

Let Splashdown provide you with the reassurance of the Four S’s of home ownership:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Stability
  • Sophistication

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What our clients say

Gutter & Eavestrough Installation Testimonial

“I would recommend them to anyone

"I chose Splashdown Eaves out of 3 estimates from other companies.  They put new gutters on our home and they were very professional, did a wonderful job, cleaned up nicely, and the price was very reasonable.  I would recommend them to anyone.  Great job!"

Diane Cabush
Edmonton, AB
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We're here to help you love where you live, work and play. Read more here to learn about the latest trends and news in home exteriors, eavestrough installation, and LED lighting.