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How to Choose the Right Gutter Colour for Your Home

There's a reason for the idiom, the devil's in the details. Finding the right eavestrough colour's an important detail, as it can make or break how you experience a house.

The optimal home experience comes from having one that's both functional and beautiful. Having the wrong gutter colour is an eyesore—like a loud piece of art or clothing.

There's nothing like pulling up to a beautiful home—especially when it's your home. Having sound colours on the home creates a sound experience.

Finding what feels homey to you starts with the right eavestrough colour. Here's how to discover yours. 


The Importance of Eavestrough Colours

When it comes to updating your home, eavestrough colours are an underemphasized priority. The wrong gutter colour is like having a pet peeve. Looking at the same irritant every day causes unnecessary stress at home.


Think about what gutters do—they direct rainwater away from the house. Trickling water's a calming image when complemented with the right colour.


What colour comes to mind when imagining your home's rainwater falling? Before you choose, consider these things.


1. Colour Psychology

Every colour represents a different emotion. For example, reds are stimulating. Greens are grounding, and blacks are sophisticated.

Ask yourself:

  • What colour represents this home best?
  • What colour speaks to this neighbourhood?
  • What works with the paint, brick and garage door?
  • What colour will I enjoy seeing every day?
  • What colour says welcome home?


Considering colour psychology can guide you in the right direction.


2. Type of Gutter

Eavestrough colours can depend on your type of gutter. There are two types: seamed and seamless gutters

Among them, your gutter comes from one of the following materials.

  1. Aluminum
  2. Steel
  3. Copper
  4. Vinyl

Your type of gutter and its materials can influence your colour options. Unlike painting a house, some gutter materials have limited colours. For example, aluminium is diverse in colours, in contrast, vinyl can't be painted.

Instead of having materials dictate your colour options, let colours inform your eavestrough installation.


3. Benefits of Eavestrough Colours

Not all home upgrades have to break the bank. A new eavestrough installation is like getting a manicure—it makes the house look polished and clean. New eavestroughs can: 

  1. Improve home value
  2. Increase curb appeal
  3. Create a clean and cohesive home aesthetic


4. The Big Picture

Gutters are extensions of the home and poor colours stand out like sore thumbs. Choosing colours too close to the paint can make for a bland and blended look. Complementary colours can provide subtle yet sophisticated accents.


Treating gutters as accessories shifts one's lens to focus on the whole system. Gutter contractors can help you discover a custom colour to enhance your home's look.


Evolve Your Eavestrough 

The word eavestrough may as well be ease-trough. They're made to be easy—to ease the rainfall off your home.


There's no need to settle for colours that dirty easily or greys that devalue your home. Custom eavestrough colours are smart and affordable ways to keep the home beautiful and functioning well.


Consider which colour invites you in after a long day. Contact us today for a free estimate and to see which colour makes your eavestrough an easy choice!



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