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Which Type of Eavestrough Should You Install on a Metal Roof?

Are you unsure if you can have gutters on your metal roof? 

As metal roofing continues to take over other traditional roofing materials, you may be considering having a metal roof installed on your own home. However, you may be unsure if you can have gutters for a metal roof.

That's why today, we've created this complete guide to help you get a better understanding of what to expect when you have a metal roof installed on your home. Keep reading to learn more!


Do You Need Gutters for a Metal Roof?

The purpose of a gutter is to drain water off the top of a roof. A gutter is a type of channel that the water will use to funnel water away from your home into a specific area.

Since metal roofs are resistant to the type of damage that Rainwater collections can cause on other roofing materials, metal roofing doesn't require gutters.

However, gutters aren't just responsible for keeping your roof protected. Gutters also help to protect other parts of your property from snow, sleet, and rain. These forms of precipitation can damage your home's structural integrity if they're not properly channelled away from your foundation.

Why Do Some Metal Roofs Have Eavestrough While Others Don't?

Some types of metal roofs will have gutters to help protect the roof's life and the rest of their property. Other homeowners will choose not to have gutters installed when they have a metal roof because it can be difficult to maintain a gutter system properly.

Plus, you must be careful to fit a gutter system to the metal roof properly. If done improperly, the gutters can easily be ripped off the roof in stormy weather.

At the same time, if the gutters aren't kept clean, it can cause a blockage in the drainage of the gutter. This can cause the gutter to become heavy and rip off the metal roof.

What Types of Gutters Should You Use With a Metal Roof?

Any standard gutter system should work with a metal roof. Just be sure that the gutter system can attach to a fascia board that has spikes or brackets. We would recommend against using gutter systems that have straps since these will attach to the deck of the roof.

Who Should Put Eavestrough on Their Metal Roof?

If you're somebody who regularly cares for the gutter system that you already have, you will be able to keep up with the required maintenance of a gutter system on a metal roof.

You should also have gutters put on your metal roof if you are interested in having an extra layer of protection that will save your home's foundation from severe weather damage.

However, you must contact a roofing professional in your area. This is because they'll help you decide the best type of gutter to use with the metal roofing.

Finding the Best Eavestrough for a Metal Roof

By having a solid understanding of how gutters for a metal roof work and what type you should consider purchasing, you can successfully attach a gutter drain to your metal roof.

Are you interested in hiring an eavestrough professional that'll help you install a downspout? Click here to contact us today to learn more.


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