What Are Soffit and Fascia? Why You Would Install It, and How To Choose the Right Material

Soffit and fascia will help your home avoid damage. Keep reading to learn why soffit and fascia should be installed.

What Are Soffit and Fascia? Why You Would Install It, and How To Choose the Right Material
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January 13, 2022

These are the benefits of installing soffit and fascia.

According to the NCHH, the moisture level in a home is crucial to achieving a healthy environment. Too much moisture can result in asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses. The excessive moisture contributes to mould, cockroaches, dust mites, and other hazards.

Soffit and fascia will help your home avoid damage. Keep reading to learn why soffit and fascia should be installed. Here’s what it is and how to choose the right material.

What is Soffit?        

Soffit acts as a skin that covers the roof space, protecting the inner structure from moisture by connecting the roof overhang to the siding. One of the soffit’s main purposes is to provide adequate ventilation to the attic space. Soffit has small punctures that encourage air circulation to draw heat and moisture away.

Condensation can build up in the winter and freezes along the bottom side of the roof. When it melts, it causes leaks and rot, resulting in structural damage. Homes built before the '90s typically don’t have enough insulation or venting.

What is Fascia?

The strip of material that runs horizontally, covering the exposed ends of the rafters, is fascia. It serves multiple functions. The material protects your home’s interior by providing a place for the gutters to attach.

The area covered by fascia installation can be prone to water damage. An aluminum fascia cover helps keep the area dry. Consider changing colours when you’re updating the soffit, fascia, and eavestrough for improved curb appeal.

How to Update Your Home?

Soffit and fascia are critical components of a home’s eavestrough. Aluminum fascia provides a barrier against harmful elements and protects boards from rotting. Vented airflow helps it remain cool and free of condensation.

Prolonged exposure causes rot, crumbling, and warping. Low-quality materials crack, resulting in physical damage. Prevent problems by working with a reliable home improvement contractor. You can view our products page for more information.

Common Roofing Mistakes

Home repairs are tricky. According to research, 500k people are treated for ladder-related injuries per year. Other common mistakes include:

  • Over or underdriving nails
  • Mixed ventilation
  • Over or under ventilating
  • Plugged soffit ventilation
  • And more

Upgrading your gutters is a cost-effective way to improve water flow control. You’ll avoid these mistakes and more by investing in a professional.

Expert Tips for Soffit and Fascia

When there’s mildew or mould on the soffit, use a soft broom and a bleach and water cleaning solution to clean it. Cleaning it with bleach will prevent the damage from spreading. You’ll improve curb appeal with regular cleanings.

You should check for bee and wasp nests around the roof. Those who aren’t comfortable with bees or heights should consider hiring a professional to remove them. Safely removing these will keep you from harm and clear your home from danger.

Enjoy Your Dream Home

You’ve learned about why it should be installed and how to choose the right material. Use what you read here as a guide to utilizing soffit and fascia. It’s time to enjoy your dream home.

Now that you’ve learned the facts, you can consult with a professional for assistance. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!


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